see through my lens

What are photographs all about?  It is my view of the world from behind my camera's viewfinder.  The photographs are representing who I am and what I am thinking.  I am your photo exhibitionist, showing you the world through my eyes.  Come follow me into my world...

Amoeneburg, Germany

Amoeneburg, Germany

picture of the day  08/30/2018

Viewer over the "Amoeneburger Becken" -- Oct 2011

Picture of the day  07/26/2018

Late afternoon view over still frozen pond, Germany  -- 02/2012


Spring Frosting

Park Rausiholzhausen, Germany

Lahnberge, Germany

Lahnberge, Germany

lahnberge -- October 2011


This pictures was taken in late to mid October 2011.  Showing the mountain range "Lahnberge" surrounding the City of Marburg.  In the far you can see the old chimney of the thermal power station.