Metro Lifes

Crossing the Virginia Square Metro Station


Virginia Square Metro Station

"I love my job, I don't want to do anything else..."

Station Manager Darrel Crawford, a senior 12 year veteran at D.C. Metro, has seen it all.  People coming and going, waiting for there trains, people needing help.  "I love my job and I don't want to do anything else...", Darrel is saying, while passengers pass him at the stations gates.  Darrel is the most friendly person you can imagine and it shows.  People calling him by name and he returns the favor.  He knows them all and if not, he will make friends with anybody who wants too.  All with a smile on his face in a place where most people are unaware of the lights, shades and the incredible architecture they are passing through. 


"the last commuter"

Passing through the Virginia Station every day are people from every corner of life.  It doesn't matter if you are rich or pour, if you are just passing by or if you are coming and going to work.  What is the same, that  all these people are for a small amount of time in their life join each other in a architectural and technological marble.



Darrel's workplace is not only a commuter hub and social exchange, but if you take time and look around, place of great light and shades, patterns and textures.  Trains of being the moving machine that keeps it all going.


waiting for my train

The Washington D.C. Metro System one of the view in the world that is very reliable and the services, as well as the people working at WMATA are very friendly and helpful. Using the transit system is simple and easy.  Opened in the year 1976 the system has grown into 91 Stations and over 117miles of track.  There are an average of 800000 commuters a day traveling on the 6 lines all across the greater D.C. Area.  Metro Station Wheaton on the red line has also the longest single-tier escalator in the Western Hemisphere, spanning 230feet or 70m.  Every station is build within the same architectural design, but always with a personally.


color lines

Using transit can be an interesting and sometimes also close encounters.  Traveling within the rush hour requires a bit more  human interaction when the trains are just a bit more fuller as off hours.  Make sure to check on weekends, the Metro is not an early starter.